Data Modeling is the key skill that underpins success in Analytics, Business Intelligence and Technology Upgrades.

The program is interactive workshops and tutorials inspired by the DMZ conferences in USA and Europe for the past 6 years.

All session leaders are data modeling experts willing to share their experiences with other data professionals, and shape our data modeling industry across Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia.

Why Attend?

 Learn from the leading experts in data science, data modeling, governance and enterprise architecture.

 Practice NoSQL modeling and a take hands-on course in building document, graph, and triple-store databases.

 Fine-tune your communications skills by completing sessions on facilitation, storytelling, flow-based leadership, and negotiation.

 Take any CDMP certification exam including the data modeling certification.

 Bring back new data modeling techniques to your organisation by participating in the pre-conference workshops with Steve Hoberman.

 Benefit from international and local case studies.

 Explore how data modeling enables data strategy and improves data governance.

DMZ is one of the few reputable places to learn and develop data modeling skills.

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