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Sue Geuens, President of DAMA International

Find out about DAMA International’s Certified Data Management Certification designation, from one of the most qualified people to talk about it – the DAMA International President. Sue will deliver a Primer Session for those sitting the examinations during the conference.  She will cover the various pathways to become certified and what to do to retain your certification. The session prepares you for the examination by reviewing the scope of the question that may be asked from the DAMA Guide to Data Management Body of Knowledge (1st Edition) and practising some exam questions to build your confidence.


Sue Geuens started in Data Management during 1996 when she was handed a disk with a list of builders on it and told they were hers to manage. Sue mentions this as fate taking over and providing her with what she was “meant to do”. Various data roles later, her clients numbered 3 of the top 4 banking institutions in SA, a number of telco’s and various pension funds, insurance companies and health organisations. Sue was the initial designer of data quality matching algorithms for an SA built Data Quality and Matching tool (Plasma Mind).

This experience stood her in good stead as she slowly but surely climbed the ladder in Southern Africa to become the first CDMP in the country. Sue worked tirelessly on starting up DAMA SA holding the Inaugural meeting in February of 2009 as Chapter President and held the position until the end of 2015. As current President of DAMA International, she has bee active in supporting the recognition of data management and the range of expertise required by an information professional. 


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