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Putting your Enterprise Data Model to work

Lloyd Robinson, Robinson Ryan

Many organisations have enterprise data or information models. They are used for wall posters or presentations, and could be updated periodically by consultants, but otherwise are often inert.

We might ask why this is so? Does your enterprise data model improve your customer experience, increase access to information, or improve system development productivity?

In this 40-minute discussion, Lloyd will:

  • Generate an enterprise data model from primary artefacts
  • Use the data model to refine the scope of a major programme initiative
  • Use the data model to review and align requirements for a project
  • Use the data model to generate a user experience

Lloyd will work with us at speed to outline the possible Swiss army pocket-knife functions of an ordinary data model, using a case study based on a true story – simplified only to meet time constraints. By the end of this talk, participants will understand practical ways to generate and apply an enterprise data model for business value, and where to look for business case benefits.

Lloyd is a principal of Robinson Ryan, a contributor to great successes and participant in extraordinary failures. At any time, he will directly be contributing to investments collectively worth over $500M. His expertise is in data strategy and architecture. He brings order to chaos, calm to turmoil and sensibility to human activity.


Lloyd has over 20 years of practical experience across strategic, architecture consulting and line management roles up to direct responsibility for a ₤50 Million budget. He has brought practical improvements to business and project execution across financial services, utilities, education and government. Critical to his approach is not only his ability to “shape” a solution, but also the team and organisation to deliver it. He maintains a focus on the business benefits and demonstrates care and patience in achieving the desired change. He has worked across four continents including multilingual situations. He is trained in Benefits Management, ITIL, Enterprise Architecture, Program Management, Training and Counselling.


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