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Which came first, the data model or data governance?

Ivan Schotsmans, BI-Community

Starting an enterprise data model without data governance is a hopeless task. Most companies understand the need for data governance but are often reluctant to install an additional layer of bureaucracy to achieve it. At a minimum, standards should apply to variable naming and also formatting standards for diagrams of logical or physical data models. By the same token, you also need standardized structure for abbreviations, acronyms and documentation requirements. This will make work easier and more efficient for existing employees, and it will dramatically lower the ramp up the effort for new employees and contractors.

Standards are a reflection of the collaboration between business and IT. Data governance activities should be led and executed by business people, and the end results used by data modelers, architects, and business analysts alike. How can you build a data model when you don’t understand the meaning of critical business data? Data governance is a perfect example of how business and IT strive for mutual goals: creating standards and guidelines to support the enterprise. In this presentation, we will discuss how to better align both skills to better serve the business strategy.


Ivan Schotsmans is principal and founder of BI-Community.org. He has more than twenty-five years of information management experience in various industries.

Throughout his career Ivan has focused on providing straightforward solutions to business and technical problems for International companies with a focus on data warehousing, business intelligence and information quality. He is recognized as subject matter expert in data modeling, information quality and agile business intelligence.

Ivan is also (co-)founder and active member of several global organizations (TDWI Benelux Chapter, DAMA, IAIDQ, among others) and for two years he acted as Global Director for IAIDQ. Ivan frequently speaks at information management industry conferences and teaches on graphical facilitation, data warehousing, data modeling and new information management trends.


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