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Managing Models and Meaning

Clifford Heath, Data Constellation

To manage something, we have to understand it. But what do we mean when we say we ‘understand’? Is it possible that two people both understand a thing, but do not understand each other’s point of view? How certain can we be that we have a shared understanding of a given problem, so we can manage it together? We review historical theories of mind and the nature of knowledge, then approach these questions using Modelling. The details of a model require data, but before we can make decisions about data, we must first agree on words and phrases. In the process of reaching that agreement, we use metaphor, and we make several kinds of model.


Clifford Heath is a software innovator, toolmaker, product architect and designer. Clifford is a masters level CDMP, a Fact-Based Modeling expert participating in the Working Group for standardisation, the inventor of the Constellation Query Language.Clifford has applied Fact-Based Modeling to a wide range of systems development and data integration environments that have all contributed to the breadth of his approach. Clifford has presented and published at international scientific and data conferences, workshops and events.

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